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By - mgood

Living in Calgary

Living in Calgary

Moving to the big C? Here are some things you should know

If you are thinking about moving to Calgary you may only know it as Stampede City, the place that breathes oil and gas, Cowtown, or a handful of other monikers that include cattle. While those terms are all technically true, there is so much more to this big city than the headlines! So let’s go over some of the finer things about residing in the most populated city in Alberta…

The Sights

Let’s start with the INCREDIBLE views. Most people know Calgary is just a short drive away from the mountains. You have Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and even more, just a day trip away. But did you know that you can get killer view of the Rockies from almost any vantage point in the city? All it takes is a split second of seeing the mountains in the distance, and you are reminded of the majestic wisdom and energy of the landscape that you call home. Calgary is a bustling metropolis, and that’s great. But to take a moment out of your busy city slicker lifestyle and catch a glimpse of one of the wonders of the world (not officially, but in our opinion) is priceless.

The Outer Limits

We briefly mentioned some of the surrounding cities and places you can go to soak in the natural beauty (people travel from ALL OVER the world to see these calendar-worthy views), and they have their own advertising and resources so we will keep it brief. But the memories to be made and the family fun to be had is LIMITLESS! No matter the season you will find no shortage of attractions, scenery, museums, galleries, markets, and activities to fill your time. If your family is the active type there are hundreds of hiking trails, you can get out on the water, or participate in one of the many sports leagues. Banff and the surrounding area has tons of novelty historic attractions if you’re looking for something different. To be honest, it’s such a beautiful place that you can make a day out of just roaming the streets and seeing what there is to see. It’s wholesome, it’s fun, and it’s beautiful. Being surrounded by mountains is like being hugged by mother earth and you will probably love it. Check out these links to find out more about these awesome places:

In the City

So we covered what awaits you outside the city limits, but maybe you’re interested in sticking closer to home. Calgary has a lot going on. Starting from downtown, we have the Stampede grounds. July is when the grounds host the world-famous Calgary Stampede. Complete with a rodeo, midway and big-name concerts, it’s a big deal. The whole city is in a cowboy frenzy and signs of Stampede can be seen wherever you go. For the kids, there are parades and tons of activities, and for the adults you will find that every bar and restaurant gets in on the action. Stampede is a BIG energy with lots of parties, so be prepared!

Read more about the ‘Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’:

We also have the Calgary Zoo, a long-time family favorite. The zoo is great for a stroll, for some educational activities, and photo ops. Come winter, the zoo transforms into a winter wonderland with about a trillion (just a guesstimate) lights strung across the whole zoo. Hot chocolate and bonfire pit stops make the experience a little warmer, and certainly worth braving the cold for a date night or fun time with the whole family! Zoo memberships are also an incredible deal and pay for themselves after just a few visits.

Could there be more?

Yes! Calgary has all the same stuff any major city does – awesome restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, etc. But what makes Calgary different (better?) is Stephen Avenue (8th Ave). A pedestrian road with bars, restaurants, and connections into the Core shopping mall. Everything you could need is on one, aesthetically pleasing street. There are even wind-reducing sculptures built along the walkway to make it more comfortable for strolling!

Cool Runnings

Disney fan? You may have seen the 1993 classic ‘Cool Runnings’. The movie is loosely based on the true story of the first ever Jamaican bob-sled team to compete in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. The movie takes place at Canadian Olympic Park in Calgary, which is still in use today!

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